Faculty Teaching and Mentoring Awardees 2016-2017

Our greatest reward in academic health care is to see a young physician, extender or investigator discover the joy of medicine on their own, and see extrinsic motivation become intrinsic motivation. When they start self-learning, and take off into the depths of our discipline on their own, we know that they will stay at the cutting edge their entire careers.

So while it is gratifying to receive an educational award, the best award these teachers can have is the success of their students and trainees. Thus, we acknowledge these faculty not so much for their ability to pass on information, but for their ability to pass on the love of the discipline, to inspire a grateful awe at the privilege we have in working in such a meaningful field.

Congratulations to all those on the lists below, and thanks to Paulette Hahn for organizing these awards! As Bill Miles said in a great grand rounds, we must all become like children, soaking in the wonder of the intricacies of human physiology, and we will not even realize we are continuously self-learning ourselves. Thus, the best way to be a great teacher is to stay a student!

Fall of 2016 UF College of Medicine Exemplary Teacher Awards:

Dr. Ashleigh Wright
Dr. Calvin Choi
Dr. Ibrahim Faruqi
Dr. James Grigg
Dr. James Smith
Dr. Jennifer Duff
Dr. Jogiraju Tantravahi
Dr. John Massini
Dr. Jorge Lascano
Dr. Chad Hood
Dr. Marc Zumberg
Dr. Margaret Lo
Dr Maryam Sattari
Dr. Matthew McKillop
Dr. Melanie Hagen
Dr. Merry-Jennifer Markham
Dr. Rebecca Beyth
Dr. Ryan Nall
Dr. Virginia Clark
Dr. Zareen Zaidi

2017 UF Department of Medicine Excellence in Teaching Awards:

Dr. Catherine Edwards
Dr. Michael Bubb
Dr. Eric Sobel
Dr. Heather Harrell
Dr. Bob Hollander
Dr. Katherine Huber
Dr. Ying Nagoshi
Dr. Carolyn Stalvey
Dr Raul Perez
Dr Nila Radhakrishnan
Dr. Zeeshan Zafar
Dr. Michael Kaufmann
Dr. William Miles
Dr. John Petersen
Dr. David Winchester
Dr. Amir Kazory
Dr. Abhilash Koratala
Dr. Rajesh Mohandas
Dr. Roberto Firpi
Dr. Giuseppe Morelli
Dr. Consuelo Soldevila
Dr. Ellen Zimmerann
Dr. Julia Close
Dr. Karen Daily
Dr. Priya Gopalan
Dr. James Lnch
Dr. Moly Mandernach
Dr. Martina Murphy
Dr. Kartik Cherabuddi
Dr Shehla Islam
Dr. Jennifer Janelle
Dr. Denise Schain
Dr. Hassan Alnuaimat
Dr. Hiren Mehta

2017 UF Department of Medicine Exemplary Mentor Award:

Senior Faculty Exemplary Mentor Award:
Dr. Dennie Jones
Dr. Mark Segal

Junior Faculty Exemplary Mentor Aware:
Dr. Thomas George
Dr. Abhilash Koratala