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Preparing your curriculum vitae: AAMC CV Template

Maintaining effective documentation of your academic history and achievements is critical to success in academic medicine. The AAMC’s CV template mirrors most closely the University of Florida and College of Medicine’s promotion and tenure packet content. (The exception is that we would recommend listing your publications, lectures, etc. in reverse chronological order, as this is what UF requires in P&T packet.)

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UF Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the legislative body of the University of Florida providing a forum for mutual exchange of ideas between senior officers and faculty. n this capacity, the Senate shall take cognizance of, and may legislate with respect to matters that concern more then one college, school, or other major academic unit, or that are otherwise of general university interest. In exercising its legislative function, the Senate makes such rules, regulations, and bylaws as it may deem advisable for fulfillment of its duties.