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Interested in becoming a clinic scribe? Working as a scribe is a great way to get in-depth, educational clinical exposure if you are interested in pursuing a future career in the medical field. Scribes work directly with physicians in several of our clinics so that physicians can spend more time with their patients instead of with their documentation.

Our scribes are currently active in specialties including in-patient transplant infectious disease, bone marrow transplant, pulmonary/critical care, family medicine community health, gastroenterology, IBD, endocrinology, general internal medicine and nephrology at the UF Health Medical Plaza, Springhill and Tower Hill locations. We expect the program to continue to grow into more Department of Medicine specialties in the near future

What does a scribe do?

Scribes are responsible for handling documentation in an electronic medical record during patient encounters in clinic. This includes:

  • Accompanying physicians to each patient they see throughout a clinic shift
  • Recording pertinent medical histories, physical exam findings, diagnostic results, assessments and plans into the medical record
  • Aiding physicians in organization and presentation of medical information within each patients’ medical record

What are we looking for in a scribe?

The Department of Medicine is looking for dedicated applicants with a clear interest in pursuing a career in healthcare. In the past, applicants to this scribe program have been pre-medical, pre-PA, pre-nursing, and other pre-health students of all different ages and levels of education. Most of our applicants have already graduated with a bachelor’s degree and are in a gap year before graduate school, but this is by no means a prerequisite for applying. We accept both current students and graduates alike to work in our program, but if you are still a student, you must be a junior, senior, or in your gap year. You must also have a flexible class schedule and be willing to work two to four shifts per week. Shifts are typically Monday-Friday from 7:30a – 1:30p (for AM shifts) and 12:30p – 6:30p (for PM shifts). All applicants must be willing to commit at least 12 consecutive months after 2 months of training to be eligible for a position. Please check below for how to apply.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our program or the application process, please feel free to contact us at

Scribe Application

Applications are currently closed. Our next hiring cycle will tentatively open late Spring 2023 for a summer start date. Please check back closer to that time for further updates.