Mission and Strategic Objectives

Our Culture

Who we are


  • For Patients
    Leading to increased safety of medical care
  • For Trainees
    Leading to increased quality of education
  • For Each Other
    Leading to improved productivity


  • In the Laboratory
    Leading to increased innovation in medical care
  • In Clinical Trials
    Leading to increased quality of medical care
  • In Clinical Operations
    Leading to increased efficiency of medical care


Our Mission

What we want to do

Excellence in Medical Care

More than just caring for patients using the status quo, we will invent better ways to care for patients. By doing so, we will create an impact on patients and their families beyond UF.

Educational Excellence

More than just educating students, residents, fellows, we will implement innovative methods of education. We will make the next physicians and investigators better than we are, which is the greatest gift we could give our patients.

Research Excellence

More than just obtaining research funding and publications, we will discover new fields and innovative techniques.

Strategic Objectives

How we get to where we want to go

Medical Care

  • New multi-Divisional and multi-Departmental disease-based clinics and research Centers
  • Off-site specialty clinics
  • Incorporate innovative technology
  • Physician authority in clinical operations
  • Market our expertise throughout  the region
  • Innovative incentive plan
  • Quality and Safety Initiatives
  • Create new Divisions as Internal Medicine evolves


  •  Program Projects and multi-PI grants
  •  NIH-funded Centers (Diabetes, Cancer)
  •  Clinical trials structure with Shands-Jacksonville
  •  Gatorade pilot projects and bridge funding
  •  Increased foundation support
  •   Faculty biotech incubator
  •  Increased Pharma partnerships
  •  NIH-funded CTSI collaborations
  •  Incentivize grant success
  •  Junior faculty research incubator
  •  Formalized mentoring of junior faculty
  •  Centralized grants support structure


  • Participatory residency/fellow education
  • Residency specialty tracks
  • Physician-scientist tracks from residency through fellowship to faculty
  • Incentive-based salaries for educators
  • Regional free CME
  • Regional board review courses
  • Improve diversity of training programs
  • Medical quality and safety courses
  • Medical economics training