Statistical Support Services

The Department of Medicine’s Statistical Support provides advice on statistical problems arising in the preparation of grant application or manuscript, the analysis of data and the interpretation of results. Services are available to the Department of Medicine faculty members as well as residents and fellows. Residents and fellows needing statistical support requires faculty mentor approval, attendance during project review meetings with statistician or his/her designee and to be copied on all emails associated with work being done.

Service are first come, first serve and evaluated to ensure analysis needed fits within the bandwidth of services currently available through the department’s statistician.   Requests will be evaluated by the Vice Chair of Research and department statistician and forms missing information will not be considered. Please understand this assistance is NOT intended for providing a statistical summary of your data; rather data analysis based on preliminary results.

General Procedures and Data Requirements

The purpose of the online request form is to introduce your project so please include as much detail as possible; there is option to upload documents for reference.  All fields in the form must be completed in order for request to be considered.  If you are unsure as to how to answer any of the questions or need clarification regarding details needed please call – Yang Zhang  at 352-594-0074 or via email at

Researchers should be very familiar with their research data before they come to ask for statistical support. Generally speaking, researchers should do some simple analysis to be familiar with their research data. Please be prepared to bring some preliminary summary statistics (for example, group/subset sample size, test mean, data range, frequency table etc.) for the initial meeting. This will not only ensure a smooth data analysis process but also help quality control and analysis results.

Data quality is the most important prerequisite for any meaningful statistical analysis. Therefore, it is the researcher’s responsibility to ensure that the data provided is clear of errors and formatted in accordance with data warehouse standards -.txt file, .csv file, Excel datasheet as well as SAS dataset, etc. For the Excel datasheet, it has to be data without comments or calculations.  Example data element cannot be DMV,MV only DMV or MV.  Be sure to check your data carefully, typical data error examples include data rows without identifiers, duplicate data rows, data input typo, etc.  Please be aware that data received with too many errors will result in delay or even acceptance of your request.

For security reasons, all data is required to be uploaded via this online form.  If there are errors with upload  please call – Yang Zhang  at 352-594-0074 or via email at The reference materials not critical to introduction and explanation of your project can be sent later by emails during work.

Once the service request is approved for department statistical support, you will be contacted for an initial meeting. You will need to come to this meeting with clearly defined study and aims as the intent of this meeting is to understand your data, discuss/advise your analysis plan, study the data structure and format, etc.

Link to the request form for statistical support:

COM Statistics Support Scheduling Form

If the link above does not work, copy and paste the link below into your web browser:

After getting any analysis report, please follow up promptly with any questions. If no contact is received after one month of report being sent it will be considered done. If you need more than a month to review the report, please response prior promptly so we can account for this when reviewing new requests and taking on new projects.

For the manuscript and abstract etc., currently we don’t have resources to draft the Statistical Method section.

Please feel free to let us know any questions you have. Thank you.

Contact Information:

Yang Zhang, Statistician

Department of Medicine PO Box 100277| Gainesville, FL 32610 | 352.594.0074 |

Mark L. Brantly, MD

Professor of Medicine, Vice Chair of Research, Department of Medicine, Alpha-1 Foundation Research Professor | | 352.273.8737