General Procedures

To begin the process, First fill out Statistical Consulting Service request form .  All fields within the form must be completed in order for the service request to be considered.  

Data quality is the most important prerequisite for any meaningful statistical analysis. For the data that has been collected, it is the researcher’s responsibility to ensure that the data provided is consistent with the format and symbols used. Documenting missing value especially if there is more than one reason for missing data. As for an example for the Excel data, it has to be raw data without comments, highlights or calculations etc. Be sure to check your data. Once the service request is approved for department statistical support, you will be contacted for an initial meeting. You will need to come to this meeting with clearly defined study and aims

After receiving an analysis report, please follow up promptly with any questions. We strongly recommend allocating enough time for your data analysis. If the scope changes such that additional data needs to be included as the project progresses, we will discuss with you and another request form may need to be submitted.  

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