Department of Medicine Mourns Passing of Christopher Newton, MD

Dr. Cusi and Dr. Newton


We join the Endocrinology team in mourning the unexpected passing of Dr. Chris Newton, who joined us last year. He was an expert in insulin pumps, and had set up a bustling practice in IMMS at Med Plaza. He was a kind soul, hard-working, with a ready smile for all.

I remember him sitting in my office when he interviewed, speaking of his hopes and dreams for building an adult Type I diabetes clinic here.    

Life is fragile, let us all be careful to not let any opportunity pass where we could have told someone close to us that they are precious, more valuable than rubies, for all the gems in the world cannot replace one hug.

We not only provide medical care for our patients, we also provide hope for a better future. Chris had such a hope for his diabetes patients, and we can best serve his memory, we can let him live on within our department, by providing that hope for the many hopeless who seek out our help. That is what drives us to reject the status quo, and to always investigate, to always ask questions, to always search for something, anything, that will make our patients’ lives better.       

-Robert Hromas, MD, FACP
Professor and Chair