Dr. Kenneth Cusi Wins the 2015 College of Medicine Clinical Research Award

Congrats to Dr. Cusi! The 2015 recipient of the UF College of Medicine Faculty Research Award in Clinical Science.

Dr. Cusi is the principal investigator of a number of ongoing clinical research projects. His grants focus on cutting-edge research in adult endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, both on clinical and basic research aspects related to the role of obesity and lipotoxicity in the development of Type 2 diabetes and its complications, in particular, the pathogenesis of NAFLD. He has published more than 90 original articles, invited reviews and book chapters in the main journals in the fields of obesity, diabetes and liver disease. Dr. Cusi is a nationally and internationally recognized investigator and speaker on the impact of NAFLD in humans, including a frequently cited paper in the New England Journal of Medicine on the first effective pharmacological agent for the treatment of NAFLD, a common and potentially serious complication of obesity and T2DM that may lead to severe liver damage. He is a reviewer in numerous scientific journals. Dr. Cusi is also vice-president and co-founder of Children in Need, Inc., an organization created to assist disadvantaged children and their families in third world countries, with emphasis on hospitals and schools in Southern Africa.