DoM 2014 Excellence in Research Award Winners

Please join us in congratulating the DoM 2014 excellence in research award winners.  These individuals were selected by the division chiefs and members of the Research Action Committee for publishing the most impactful papers from our department in 2014. They represent the great breadth and depth of research ongoing in the department.

Junior Faculty Awardee’s (Tie):
Mike Casey , MD
Assistant Professor for his work “Prolonged Immunosuppression Preserves Nonsensitization Status After Kidney Transplant Failure” published in Transplantation.

David Winchester, MD
Assistant Professor for his work “Clinical utility of inappropriate positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging: Test results and cardiovascular events” published in  J Nucl Cardiol.

Senior Faculty Awardee:
Christian Jobin , PhD
Professor for his work“Microbial genomic analysis reveals the essential role of inflammation in bacteria-induced colorectal cancer” Nature Communications.

photo 3
From left to right: Mark Segal, MD; Michael Casey, MD; Christian Jobin, PhD; David Winchester, MD; Robert Hromas, MD.